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The hardest part of running my e-commerce business is always shipping —  Blueonion Stores

The most challenging aspect of running an e-commerce business, for the majority of online retailers, is delivery. We’ll use an illustration to show how Flit improves e-commerce sellers’ shipping. The easiest method to explain concepts, in our opinion, is to use a real-world example. Vivian, an online seller of clothing, will serve as an example in this case.

Vivian has customers dispersed over the entire country and continent, the hardest aspect of Vivian’s business procedure is always shipping. She must constantly obtain an accurate shipping estimate, delivery time, and manage the various customer calls regarding shipping status.

This is the exact issue that Flit is working to address for African e-commerce vendors; our goal is to make shipping e-commerce transactions as simple as possible. Flit isn’t just another shipping company; rather, it gathers the top shipping companies onto a single platform. This implies that you can use GIG, DHL, Kwik, FedEx, Gokada, and any other reliable shipping providers around the world with a single Flit account.

Flit addresses Vivian’s issue by linking her online store to 25+ shipping carriers, making it simple for her customers to view the available shipping options with the associated cost and estimated delivery time while checking out. Her clients can make their selections without calling or needing Vivian to inform them of the shipping cost.


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When Vivian is prepared to ship, she only needs to confirm the shipment with a single click, and the shipment will be created on the platform of the chosen carrier. By creating a unique tracking page specifically for Vivian’s online store, Flit also streamlines the process of tracking and notifying customers of shipments, allowing them to do so without having to visit the websites of various shipping companies. They also receive notifications at each stage of the shipping process, which helps to decrease “where is my order?” inquiries.

Connecting your online store is so seamless with our Woocomerce plugin and Developer API. We are also working to include more e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Prestashop. This will, in our opinion, make shipping the most straightforward aspect of operating an online store. Why not give Flit a try right away?

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