Top 5 E-commerce Delivery Services in Nigeria


Running a successful e-commerce business goes beyond making sales, sending invoices, and receiving payments. Delivery/Shipping is the final part of your sales cycle that you must take seriously, which is why using a credible delivery service is very important.

You would agree with me that all customers are interested in two things after placing an order:


1. When will their order arrive?

2. How can they track the status of their order?


I’ve seen e-commerce vendors lose customers due to delayed delivery and a lack of sufficient delivery status updates; if you’re reading this, you shouldn’t be in this situation. This is why we have compiled a list of the top 5 reputable e-commerce delivery companies for you to use in your delivery.

Before we begin, did you know that when you use Flit, you automatically gain access to 25+ reliable delivery services for your business? This means you don’t need to have accounts with all of the delivery providers; one Flit account will give you access to all of the delivery services you need. You may also integrate Flit into your online store and allow your customers to select from various delivery companies during the checkout process.

Here is the list:


1. GIG logistics


2. Kwik Deliveries


3. Topship


4. Gokada


5. Redstar


There are other good delivery companies in Nigeria, but these 5 are the most popular with amazing reviews from sellers. Remember you have access to all the credible delivery companies with your single Flit account.



Using the services of a reliable delivery company will help ensure the smooth operation of your business, improve your brand image by delivering goods and services on time, and increase returning customers.
If you’ve been looking for reliable delivery service to use for your business, register on Flit and have access to multiple credible shipping options.

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