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Flit helps ecommerce sellers get the best shipping rates across 25+ shipping carriers.
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How It Works

We have made using Flit as easy as it can get. With few steps you have your entire workflow automated.

Create Account

Register an account using the Get Started link above.

Compare Prices

Instantly compare shipping rates from different shipping carriers.

Book Shipment

Book shipment with carrier directly with us for better saving.

Connect Store

Give your customers more shipping options during checkout.

25+ Credible Carriers

Compare prices between different credible shipping carriers and save cost on local and international shipments when you book directly through us.



Local and International deliveries to anywhere in the world



Last-mile parcel delivery within Lagos and Ibadan



Local and International deliveries to over 200+ cities



Local and International Shipments to over 220+ Countries


GIG Logistics

Local & International Deliveries to over 250+ countries worldwide


Kwik Deliveries

Local deliveries within Abuja and Lagos


Everything You Need

Automate your entire shipping process and make shipping faster, more efficient and less expensive.

More Shipping Options In One Place

Connect and compare prices across hundreds of couriers through one integration. Give your customers a great experience and improve your store's conversion rate by expanding shipping options during checkout


Boost your brand with customized tracking.

Let customers track their orders right on your website instead of sending them to the carrier's website.


Reduce Delayed Delivery

Confirm the accuracy of international and local addresses to improve deliverability


Custom Rules for Your Shipping Needs

Create your own custom shipping preferences to avoid repetitive actions and gain more time to focus on other facets of your business.


One-click Integration

With just one-click integration your customers can start choosing the courier delivery option that best suits them, and track their shipment with ease!

Have a question?

Here are some of the questions frequently asked about using Flit. If you have questions not covered kindly reach out to us.

Shipping with Flit works in two ways. Either you create shipment on your Flit dashboard, or you connect your online store and get shipment request once an order is placed on your website/app.

All you need to do it create an account, compelete your profile and default address details.

You can ship to anywhere in the world, this is possible as a result of our partnership with different shipping carriers worldwide.

No, you don't. This is the beauty of having Flit, you don't need to have different accounts for your shipping needs. Flit integrates with all the credible delivery companies.

No, you don't need to have an online store to use Flit. You can compare prices, create shipment and track shipment right from your Flit dashboard.

Our goal is to make shipping faster, if you have specific carrier that you believe is credible we are open to partner with them and make them available on flit

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